Know What Your 8-year Old Kid Is Upto On The Web These Days?

Your 8-year old kid might be tech-savvy and very well-versed with using the latest technologies and apps, but will surely not have the maturity of an adult and be aware of the threats out there in the world. What is more dangerous is that you, as a parent, have no supervision and monitoring of his regular online activities.

It is high time you take matters into your own hands and start keeping track of your kid’s virtual whereabouts. For you to effectively do that, you can make use of a kid’s phone tracker. It will give you full parental control over your child’s mobile and online affairs.

Let’s discuss a few features of a mobile tracking app.

Browsing History Tracking

In today’s tech world, you can know about a person from their browsing history. The same applies to your kid as well. You can surely check your browsing history, but to know about your kid’s web activities, the browsing history tracking feature is what you will need.

Your kid is curious about a lot of things, and the first thing he/she will do to quench the thirst is visit a web browser and search things out. Your kids do not need to be 18 to see adult content on the web, so make sure you do your part of screening the websites and preventing your kid from visiting the improper ones.

Here are some points about how browsing history tracking will help you:

  • Get the entire browsing history of your kids’ browsers, even from the private modes with accurate timestamps
  • Remotely block URLs to prevent your kid from accessing those
  • You can block an unlimited number of sites for unlimited times

Remote Controller

To be able to control your kid’s device remotely is one of the key features of a mobile tracking app. It enables you to do a myriad of things remotely on your kid’s phone and very much comes in use when the mobile is lost or stolen.

Here are some advantages of the remote controlling feature:

  • The feature actually acts as an anti-theft system, where all things can be remotely deleted in case of theft
  • Shows the current battery percentage of the mobile
  • Front and back cameras can be enabled to take pictures
  • Camera usage can be disabled
  • Live GPS location of the phone
  • Put the phone on silent or the other way round
  • Remotely format and reset the mobile

Final Words

Your kids are surfing through the gullible years of their lives, and it is no secret that they are bound to make mistakes on their journey. You as a parent should always be the rock on which your kids can lean on in moments of crisis. But, often, it happens that children abstain from sharing their issues with their parents, and therefore you don’t exactly have knowledge of what they are going through.

What children do is search for help and solutions to their problems on the web. By using a mobile tracker, you can know of their problems and find ways to address them in a proper manner. The message tracking and facebook location tracker features also prove to be effective.